Webinar to tackle EPR legislation

The Vending and Automated Retail Association will be holding a webinar on 13 June to discuss the Extended Producer Responsibility legislation in the UK and the implications for vending.

The AVA Environment Committee’s summary paper for April 2023 highlighted key developments in Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) in the UK. Under EPR, the government has decided that the entire cost of managing waste packaging should be borne by industry, including advertising to encourage recycling.

Companies with turnovers above certain thresholds will be required to report packaging data and start paying fees accordingly. The goal is to increase waste collection and recycling, with additional materials like fibre-based composites and bioplastics being included in reporting requirements.

Under this new legislation every vending operating company will have to facilitate cup recycling by providing collection bins or working with waste management companies.

The webinar will bring together a team of experts who will share their knowledge, insights, and practical strategies to implement and manage new legislation.

This webinar will be combined with a ‘virtual’ AVA AGM, but the focus will be on the potential business impact of mandatory cup takeback.

Experts from environmental solutions specialist VALPAK and the National Cup Recycling Scheme will be on hand to take you through the challenges and option as the new legislation comes into force.

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