• Top 10 fictional workplaces that need vending machines the most

    By Vending International on November 28, 2023
    From the Wall from Game of thrones and The Nuclear power plant from the Simpsons, there are some workplaces that would definitely benefit from a vending machine according to Nutirvend. The Wall, Game of Thrones (Defence) Demanding Physical Work and Long Hours The Game of Thrones Wall is a 700-foot tall, 300-foot thick fortification that is 300 miles and spans […]
  • Everything from tools to art…

    By Vending International on October 17, 2023
    Vending has always had its roots in food and drink, but now vending machines are being used successfully in industry to manage high value specialist tools and even art securely. Laura Barwell, head of business development at VMC says: “It’s exciting to see contactless vending machines popping up in unusual locations and settings and the innovative ways that companies are […]
  • An exciting future for vending in non-food sector

    By Vending International on October 17, 2023
    Vending machines have come a long way from merely dispensing snacks, beverages, newspapers, tickets and similar. Today, vending machines offer the possibility to serve as multi-dimensional retail platforms, offering a convenient, quick, and unattended shopping experience across various markets. Take, for instance, intelligent vending company Selfly Store’s creative partnership with Verkkokauppa.com at Assembly Summer 2023, one of the Nordic countries’ largest gaming […]
  • What’s driving the new boom in vending machines?

    By Vending International on June 30, 2023
    Vending machines are an especially hot commodity right now in the United States. There are an estimated 5 million vending machines currently in operation across the country and this number is expected to grow by 10 percent each year until 2028. Dan Doromal, co-owner and vice president of operations for Everest Ice and Water Systems offers some insight… A couple of […]
  • Ice vending trends to watch in 2023

    By Vending International on March 14, 2023
    The year 2022 saw record-breaking temperatures and this trend is predicted to continue. As such, ice machine manufacturers and vendors can expect to see strong market growth this year. Dan Doromal, co-owner and vice president of operations for Everest Ice and Water Systems comments Due to its high ROI and low-cost business model, ice vending is currently the fastest-growing segment […]
  • 5 Steps to Running a Successful Automated Retail Business

    By Vending International on October 25, 2022
    “ Times are changing. Operators, retailers and brands are all too aware of the limitations of traditional unattended retail devices,“ says Samuel Wilson, Commercial Lead of Invenda Group in the UK and Ireland. “Why not leverage cutting-edge technology to both streamline and grow your business as well as offer consumers a modern shopping experience?” For Samuel, digitisation is the only […]
  • Will the plastic packaging market stand strong as the sustainability trend rises?

    By Vending International on September 22, 2022
    Compared to various packaging materials, the preference for plastic packaging has been rising worldwide, since plastic packages are easier to manage and are lightweight. Likewise, even renowned manufacturers are shifting toward plastic packaging given the lower production cost. Plastic containers have gained high importance in various industries like cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and beverages, and food. Innovative filling technologies along with the […]
  • Diversification in Vending:  A Changing Industry

    By Vending International on August 9, 2021
    David Llewellyn, Chief Executive of the AVA, discusses how the vending industry has diversified during the pandemic. In the last year, consumer behaviour has changed considerably as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, with all industries needing to adapt and evolve in order to meet new demands and routes of access. The vending industry is no exception, adapting to cater […]
  • How payments can help power the vending market

    By Vending International on September 29, 2020
    By Darren Anderson, Business Development Manager, Self Service, Ingenico Enterprise Retail The Coronavirus pandemic has impacted the unattended market in various ways. In some cases, vending machine use has decreased as a result of lower footfall and closed premises. However, the nature of vending being self-service, for many it’s just been a case of upgrading systems to meet new guidelines […]
  • Veolia launches new plastic recycling report

    By Vending International on July 8, 2020
    A new report titled ‘Examining material evidence – the carbon fingerprint’ highlights the importance of plastic as a material compared to alternatives when examining the carbon emissions. The report, commissioned by Veolia and published by Imperial College, analysed over 70 life-cycle assessments to evaluate the environmental impacts of packaging alternatives over their life-time, including impacts from mining, manufacturing, logistics, usage […]