Ice cream machine boom in China

The latest data from National Bureau of Statistics suggests that Chinese people annually consume up to five million tons of ice cream, spending over 100 billion yuan, and still, China hasn’t made it to the world’s top 20 ice cream consuming markets.

Many Chinese vending machines makers are targeting this new market segments. Since 2018, Guangzhou Int’l Vending Machines & Self Facilities Fair (China VMF) has seen a growing number of exhibitors adding ice cream machines to their product lines, such as Zhouyi, Guangshen, Hot Ices, Dezhou Six-More, Xunke and Funvending.

Liu Haiyu, general manager of Dezhou Six-More, comments that what has set made-in-China ice cream vending machines apart from the others is that they are highly integrated with cloud technology.


From ordering to payment, everything can been done by  phone and operators can use a mobile phone or computer to remotely control multiple equipment, including real-time monitoring sales and inventory, detecting malfunctions and etc.

So far, dozens of quality vending machine makers and suppliers have decided to bring their latest ice cream machines to the show floor of China VMF 2020, such as Dezhou Six-More, Hunan Jibing, Spelor, Guangshen, Hontech, Shenzhen Lerke, Value Easy Joy, Xuenong and more.