‘Pack Tunch’ packs a punch with California Raisins

Pack Tunch has launched three new flavoured health bars – apple & cinnamon, pineapple & coconut and lemon & lime, all of which contain California Raisins. The bars can be found in a range of health and wholefood shops, gyms and sports facilities across the UK and retail at 99p per 45g bar.

The bars are made by blending and pressing no more than eight natural ingredients and contain no sweeteners, binders, preservatives or colourings. California Raisins are chopped and added to the bars to help bind the ingredients as well as add texture and natural sweetness. As 95% of the bars are made from just fruits and nuts they are all full of vitamins and minerals, protein and fibre, along with the types of good-carbohydrates that keep you going for longer.