Satro GmbH presents its range of speciality products at Eu’Vend 2011 in Cologne

Satro will be presenting a large selection of hot and cold speciality beverages for vending, HoReCa and office coffee service under the brand Satro Quality Drinks (SQD) at Eu’Vend this year.

The dominating coffee trends are all about quality and variety. Meanwhile, good coffee has become a status symbol. Consumers expect high quality in products, while at the same time wanting the opportunity to try new flavours depending on their mood. There is a demand for variety, not just in coffee shops, but even in beverages from vending machines in the workplace or public places.

This variety provides an opportunity to become incomparable. A wide range of products or new offers on a monthly basis are ways to set yourself apart from the competition and reach out to new customers. Satro offers a wide range of product concepts that cater to many different customer demands.

From 8 to 10 September 2011, Satro will be presenting a selected range of specialities, in addition to the familiar Satro wide range of cocoa, cappuccino, tea and topping products, at Stand C048 in Hall 8.1.

Specialities and innovations in the SQD Coffee Line

New: SQD COFFEE 3 IN 1 – Convenience for vending machines. This new development from Satro features a perfectly coordinated combination of coffee, creamer and sugar. SQD COFFEE 3 IN 1 is not only well-suited to instant vending machines – the composition also saves handling and costs in the vending machine.

New: SQD MOKA IRISH CREAM – The subtle flavour of coffee, finished off with Irish cream, and an extra creamy mouthfeel are an invitation to indulge. SQD MOKA NOISETTE – In this speciality, a hint of hazelnut rounds off the intense coffee flavour.

SQD MOKA VANILLA – This composition of coffee, milk and a subtle hint of vanilla is very versatile: as a frappé in summer or as a hot beverage in winter.

SQD INSTANT BARLEY – Grain-based coffee with full body thanks to the special roasting process. A malty flavour profile completes the flavour without any caffeine.

SQD COFFEE GINSENG – An invigorating beverage thanks to its strong coffee body and ginseng extract. The milk components and fine hint of caramel create a pleasant creaminess and flavour.

New additions in the SQD Choc Line

New: SQD PREMIUM ICE CHOC – The cocoa beverage that also guarantees enjoyment in the summer: refreshing iced chocolate for hot days.

New additions in the SQD Milk Line New: SQD TOPPING GRANULARE 02 – The special agglomeration process guarantees this topping best flowability in the vending machine. The composition of pure milk solids ensures a natural milky flavour without added flavouring. The froth created impresses with its height, structure and stability.

SQD LATTE SCREMATO GRANULARE – Pure milk! This is the trend in the coffee segment. The Satro agglomeration process creates a special product from 100% milk ingredients that can be used to finish a range of coffee and cocoa beverages with excellent vending properties. The result is rich milk flavour and an impressive froth quality in every application.