Perk Dynamics launches AutoPerk ‘The Automated Barista’ system

perPerk Dynamics is pleased to announce that is has signed an exclusive distribution agreement with Perk Dynamics USA to market its AutoPerk ‘The Automated Barista’ system in the UK.

AutoPerk ‘The Automated Barista’ makes it simple to offer Barista Quality coffee and espresso beverages 24/7/365. With an easy-to-use self-service PC based customer touch screen interface, customers can easily order and pay with their contactless debit/credit cards or with more progressive methods like gift cards, room charge, rewards points or Player Rewards. Smart Phone payment app systems such as Paypal and Ensygnia/Onescan are also available.

The AutoPerk system has been developed using the Microsoft .Net software framework providing future proof device and full internet connectivity. The system delivers full telemetry and real time reporting. It connects to most popular commercial espresso coffee & cappuccino machines. AutoPerk can also change languages on the fly. With the touch of a button on the screen AutoPerk translates into the users preferred language set. It allows the site to maximize its marketing efforts with AutoPerk’s integrated coupon acceptance feature.

AutoPerk provides an automated interface from the POS (Point of Sale) to the espresso/coffee machine, controlling order production and increasing efficiency of the order fulfilment process. It eliminates the clutter, confusion and profit leaks around today’s cumbersome manual order fulfilment methods. This process guarantees that the customer receives what they paid for, consistent in quality, through increased speed of service without sacrificing quality or consistency.

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