Global meat snacks market gains traction

Image by Shutterbug75 from Pixabay

The global meat snacks market is likely to be driven by the increasing demand for nutrient-rich snacks according to Transparency Market Research.

These popular snacks come with nutrients such as vitamin B12, iron, and omega-3s and they have been gaining traction amongst health-conscious people.  Different portable snacks, such as sausages, sticks, and jerky are convenient options for consumers who do not have time to sit down and eat. These consumers prefer healthy on-the-go snacks, which is likely to work in favor of the global meat snacks market in the years to come.

According to the research exponential growth of the e-commerce sector is estimated to benefit the market as e-commerce sites make an offer of a wide variety of meat snacks for online purchase. Outbreak of global pandemic, COVID-19, has further accelerated the online sale of meat snacks as governments impose lockdowns and social distancing norms. Amidst the ongoing situation, people are avoiding going to the supermarkets or retail stores and this catapulting online sales of different products. These factors are likely to support growth of the global meat snacks market over the assessment timeline, from 2019 to 2029.

Ready-to-eat (RTE) food products are made utilising dehydrated and dried animal-derived raw materials with various added seasonings and flavorings. Rich in proteins, iron, zinc, vitamin B12, and choline, meat snacks provide high energy and is essential in maintaining a balanced diet. Multiple health benefits of this product are likely to add fillip to the global meat snacks market in the years to come.

The global meat snacks market is anticipated to register a growth rate of 7% CAGR over the projection timeline, from 2019 to 2029. Rising demand for on-the-go, healthy food items from the consumers are likely to boost demand for meat snacks in the market.