Ryvita invests in new bespoke refrigeration unit

The new installation

Jordan’s Ryvita has installed a bespoke refrigerated unit at its premises in Poole ready for a brand-new product, launched last month.

The unit was designed and built to bespoke requirements using a modular system. It is big enough to store and easily access a euro pallet holding up to 500 kilograms of cheese.

The product is a new flavour variant of the popular flatbread thins; three cheese.

The cold room houses the cheese mixture which already contains the perfect blend of the three cheeses; mozzarella, cheddar and ricotta.

Project Manager at Jordan’s Ryvita, Rob Jabangwe, said: “This project had lots of specific requirements, we needed a very high quality refrigeration unit which not only met our low consumption and environmental criteria but that had impressive performance too.

“The process of taking a new product to market can involve a huge number of logistical and organisational challenges. The whole process from research and development, through line trials and product approval can take about six months.

“We were up against it in terms of timing for the cold storage too; we needed to have our unit in place and fully functioning in just five weeks.”

The cold room was installed by the team at CSR on a Saturday to best accommodate the tight schedule.