EVA publishes new consumer behaviour report

The European Vending & Coffee Service Association (EVA) has published a new consumer behaviour report, which provides the latest data into food and beverage preferences in the working population.

The report, carried out by GFK on behalf of the EVA, covers four of the main vending markets in Europe – namely France, Germany, Italy and Spain – as well as a short comparison of the key differences between the countries. The report focuses on the coffee and purchased food landscape from the working population, and covers consumption both at home as well as out of home, as well as a specific look into the behaviour with regards to vending machines.

The EVA invested in this report in order to understand more clearly the changes in consumer preferences since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and how this has translated into the most relevant and useful purchasing behaviour in relation our sector. It specifically provides findings on coffee preferences of workers at the workplace, at home and during the commute, as well as food purchases in the same environments.

The findings are seen as useful in understanding the latest trends in the context where that working from home has become much more prevalent. As such the EVA believes that the report could be useful for companies seeking to invest in additional and/or innovative workplace solutions.

The report is free for members. For non-members, it is available for purchase by contacting vending@vending-europe.eu

The findings

  • Consumers identified in all four markets quality, safety and affordable pricing as key purchase drivers.
  • 84% of respondents in Italy consume coffee at the workplace, with freestanding vending machines the most preferred channel for that (37%).
  • Digital payments are most popular in France, with 65% of respondents there indicating that it was their preferred payment method. In contrast, 48% of respondents in Germany prefer to use cash.
  • In all four countries, a majority of workers (between 52% – 60%) prefer to use the local supermarket to purchase food items such as sandwiches for the workplace. This may indicate a potential opportunity for vending operators to introduce or expland solutions within the workplace to meet this need.
  • In Spain, coffee machines in the workplace (64% being capsule machines) are the most preferred way to get coffee, followed by a restaurant/coffee bar and freestanding vending machines.