Members vote for quality

AVA operator members have voted overwhelming to maintain accreditation to the AVA Quality System as a mandatory requirement of AVA membership.
In a review to mark the 10th anniversary of the AVA Quality System, AVA operator members were invited to consider whether they wished the Association to a) continue with a mandatory quality system, b) move to a voluntary system or c) replace the quality system with a self assessed Code of Practice.
More than 90 per cent of the operators were adamant that the right to AVA membership should continue to be restricted to those companies who were able to reach and consistently maintain the high standards of the AVA Quality System.
This decision means that vending specifiers can continue to have the reassurance of trading with AVA operators who are following a quality system which matches all the elements of ISO 9001: 2000 but by being bespoke for vending adds extra vending elements such as machine audits.
The AVA logo thus continues to be the tick of quality and confirmation that AVA operators are monitored and assessed on a regular basis.
Barry Bennett, AVA Chairman, reported that he was delighted, but not surprised, by the decision which affirmed his view that AVA operator members were dedicated to giving the best possible service to their customers.