Abbeychart celebrates 20 years

Abbeychart, based in Faringdon, Oxfordshire, is celebrating 20 years serving customers in the vending, pure water, soft drinks and catering industries.

Peter Best founded Abbeychart in 1991 with a small component sourcing and supply company serving the beverage industry, assisted by Peter’s partner, Anthea Beszant, using the garden shed as a store and the kitchen as a workshop. From the very start Abbeychart set out its stall as a customer-focused, reliable and quality supplier of parts. The company now operates from purpose-built offices and large distribution centre at Faringdon.

“We owe a strong debt of gratitude to some of our earliest suppliers who supported us in the early days including John Guest, Special Taps, RPM Spa, Hydralectric and many more – a big ‘thank you’. Also to our very early customers including Coca Cola, Elga, Booths Dispensers, Westomatic and Stentorfield (now known as CMS) an even bigger thank you,” said Peter Best.

Abbeychart has now grown to be a major player in component manufacture and distribution not only in the UK, but across Europe and the World, supplying prestigious customers in Canada, USA, China, Australia, Turkey and virtually every country in Europe.