Strongholder trays from Huhtamaki

To help prevent those inevitable spillages, Huhtamaki is offering its new Strongholder carry trays – an ideal solution for customers looking to carry several drinks at the same time!
Certified in accordance with EN13432, the European standard for compostability of packaging, Strongholder trays are part of Huhtamaki’s BioWare range of environmentally friendly products, which is fully compostable within 60 days (under the correct conditions), and includes bio-coated hot and cold cups, tumblers, hinged containers, plates, bowls and cutlery.
Strongholders allow up to four beverages to be carried at once, making takeaway service easy for customers wanting drinks on-the-go. Their sturdy design makes them perfect for carrying a wide range of hot and cold drinks.
With customers being able to carry more, they won’t need a friend to offer a helping hand, so the number of people around vending machines will be reduced – a benefit for small, busy venues were space is limited.