Eden Springs supports World Water Day 2015

eden springs

New initiative will help transform Ugandan communities 

Leading European workplace drinks provider, Eden Springs is helping to fund the construction of clean water wells in Uganda. In support of World Water Day on March 22 2015, Eden Springs has pledged to make a donation for every bottled water cooler installed in March to help its charity partner, People Help People-One World, to build even more wells in Uganda.

Through contributions each year to the People Help People-One World non-profit organization, Eden Springs is committed to helping communities in central Africa. In 2014 and again this year, Eden Springs is helping to build several clean water wells in the Wakiso district of Uganda, 50km south-west of the capital, Kampala. Presently, 70% of the area’s 1.4 million inhabitants don’t have a source of clean water.

Approximately 17% of children aged under five in this area die from diarrhoea, while 12% of children aged 10-17 suffer from dysentery. Lack of access to a clean water source affects not only the health of the community but also its future development. Many Ugandan students, especially girls, drop out of school as a result of poor hygiene. This programme is helping students such as Silvia Namugenyi, a pupil at Sokolo Primary School. Access to water for Silvia as a young woman means better hygiene and sanitation and a clear, safe pathway to continue her education.

Bernd Wingerberg, director at People Help People-One World, explains: “Our mission is to sustainably improve the living conditions of people in developing countries such as Uganda. It’s a matter of our heart to step change the situation and access to clean water is a starting point for this. We are pleased to partner with Eden Springs on this common mission. Their initiative mirrors our vision and hopefully Eden’s Every Drop Counts programme and World Water Day activity will enable us to step change the quality of life in the Wakiso district.”

Raanan Zilberman, CEO of Eden Springs, comments: “Eden is proud to be supporting People Help People-One World and World Water Day with this new month-long initiative. This year’s World Water Day brings light to water’s role in sustainable and community development. We feel a corporate social responsibility to help support those in need. By making an additional donation for each bottled water cooler installed in March to People Help People-One World, we are sure that we are helping to improve access to fresh drinking water sources in Uganda.”