West Europe water dispense up 17% over five years

The West Europe water dispense market expanded by 3.8% to reach 3.65 million units at the end of 2022, according to the latest research report from Zenith Global Commercial.
Over the past five years, the sector has grown by 17%, adding more than 500,000 units, despite the impact of COVID and recent economic disruption.
Bottled water dispensers accounted for a record level of almost two million units, 53% of the total but down from 56% in 2017.  Bottle-free mains water dispensers, known as point of use, also reached a record of close to 1.5 million units, 40% of the total and up from 38% five years ago.  Multifunctional, integrated tap systems for businesses exceeded 250,000 for the first time, making up the balancing 7%.  Over the five years, integrated tap systems were the fastest growing segment, achieving a 35% uplift.
The largest five markets in West Europe were the United Kingdom with a 22% share, followed by Spain on 20%, France on 14%, Italy on 11% and Germany on 10%.  Collectively, these countries accounted for a combined 76% of units installed, a marginal increase on 2021.  Spain was the best performing country over 5 years, with average annual growth of 11%.
“In terms of market value, industry revenues have now surpassed €1 billion,” commented Zenith Global Commercial Consulting Director Akos Petri.  In fact, they climbed an impressive 11.2% in 2022 to reach €1.17 billion for the year.”
Zenith Global Commercial forecasts continued steady growth for West Europe water dispense market, rising a further 18% to more than 4.3 million units in 2027.
The Zenith Global Commercial West Europe Water Dispense Report contains over 400 pages of tables, charts, analysis and projections, covering 16 countries for the years 2017 to 2027, with detailed numbers for leading companies by country.