• Aussie startup launched to save 100m single-use plastic bottles sold from vending machines

    By Vending International on September 15, 2023
    A new Sydney-based climate tech start-up that launched with two Australian customers — The University of Technology Sydney and The University of Sydney Union (USU) – is on a mission to eliminate the colossal single-use plastic bottle waste caused by the $44bn vending industry, by replacing as many of these machines as possible with their new BYO-Bottle system. The company, […]
  • WHA targets schools in new campaign

    By Vending International on September 1, 2023
    In launching its Water Matters in Schools campaign, the Water Dispenser and Hydration Association (WHA) is working to raise awareness amongst teachers and other school staff about the importance of hydration. Available to view and download on twha.co.uk, ‘Water Matters for Children’ is a leaflet highlighting some of the current issues with hydration levels in school children, and how this can […]
  • War takes toll on East Europe water dispense

    By Vending International on August 14, 2023
    After resilience through Covid, the East Europe water dispense market fell back 8% to 2.43 million units in 2022, according to a new research report from Zenith Global Commercial.  Unit numbers had been growing until 2019, then dropped by 5% in 2020, before recovering by 1% in 2021. Ironically, the large Russian market with a 43% share lost the most, […]
  • West Europe water dispense up 17% over five years

    By Vending International on August 14, 2023
    The West Europe water dispense market expanded by 3.8% to reach 3.65 million units at the end of 2022, according to the latest research report from Zenith Global Commercial. Over the past five years, the sector has grown by 17%, adding more than 500,000 units, despite the impact of COVID and recent economic disruption. Bottled water dispensers accounted for a […]
  • UK flavoured and functional waters grow 16%

    By Vending International on April 28, 2023
    The UK market for flavoured and functional waters grew faster than for plain water in 2022, according to the latest UK Water Drinks Market Reports from industry experts Zenith Global Commercial. Total flavoured and functional water consumption rose 16% to 530 million litres, 6% above the pre-pandemic peak of 2018. Sales value rebounded 25% to over £600 million. This takes […]
  • The WHA Water Dispenser Trade Show: new products and show promotions

    By Vending International on March 14, 2023
    If you’re after the latest information and products about hydration, then make a beeline for the UK’s largest water dispenser trade show, which takes place on 16 March, at the DoubleTree by Hilton, Milton Keynes. Run after the WHA (Water Dispenser and Hydration Association) annual conference, the trade show features over 40 exhibitors, several of whom are launching new products […]
  • WHA and Just a Drop plan to bring fresh water to hundreds in Zambia

    By Vending International on February 14, 2023
    Here in the UK we sometimes take our clean drinking water for granted. The mission of the Water Dispenser and Hydration Association (WHA) is to make it easier to rehydrate, anywhere… in offices, homes, schools, restaurants, leisure centres and so on. However, the Association is very aware that millions of people around the world lack safe water supplies, which is […]
  • Cups, trees & buildings – WHA members demonstrate environmental credentials

    By Vending International on December 14, 2022
    When it comes to sustainability, members of the Water Dispenser & Hydration Association (the WHA) are proving that the sector is an exemplar when it comes to the environment. From buildings and trees to the important issue of reducing single use plastics. Green building and land management An example is the environmentally friendly building and land project by Glastonbury Spring Water. Sales Director, David […]
  • Water refill stations and sustainable bottles bring hydration solution to COP27

    By Vending International on November 16, 2022
    Climate leaders gathered for COP27 in Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt, were able to get a taste of a new hydration solution from Swedish water and beverage innovator Bluewater. The company’s purified water refill stations and sustainable reusable bottles allowed delegates to stay healthily hydrated in the Climate Action Innovation Zone. “We are deeply honoured that Climate Action chose Bluewater to provide […]
  • Bottled water shortage prompts water dispenser use

    By Vending International on September 15, 2022
    The shortage of small-pack bottled water has caused bottled water sales to drop as low as 25% of normal levels for some retailers, according to a recent report. Manufacturing and logistical issues mean that even more people may now be in the mood to turn their thoughts to choosing different ways to hydrate. This could be the perfect time for […]