The AVA welcomes new members to the board

The Vending & Automated Retail Association, has announced several changes to its board of directors, reflecting the company’s commitment to enhancing its leadership team and positioning itself for continued growth and success.

The following personnel changes have been made to the AVA’s Board of Directors:

Firstly, Stuart Coutts has taken over the role of Chair of the AVA board. The AVA has not had a vending operator as Chair for many years, however with 35 years in the vending industry, we welcome Stuarts insight and experience.

Richard Brinsley, managing director of Westomatic Vending Services Ltd, has been appointed as the first of three new board members bringing with him a wealth of industry experience. His company is renowned for remanufacturing all types of new vending machines, as well as being a global supplier of dispending hot drinks, water, milkshakes and also hot food, snacks and confectionery.

The second appointment to the board is Matt Osborne, head of business development at Masteroast Coffee Company Ltd. Having been at Masteroast for several years, Matt has played a pivotal role in Masteroasts growth into the UKs largest private label coffee roaster. Speaking about his appointment to the board, Matt said: “Being part of the AVA is very important for us as we recognise that vending continues to be one of the strongest sectors, driving a demand for diverse coffee services today.”

Finally, the AVA’s third appointment to the board is Jason Vincent, chief executive and co-founder of Aeguana, which follows the company’s recent merger with confectionary titans, Boostbar. Jason’s career in vending started with writing the vending management system for Rentokil-Initial, managing over 35,000 machines — a system still in use sixteen years later. Jason’s wealth of expertise in the vending eco-system and vending technology will be a huge benefit for the AVA to help its members streamline their services better.

As well as new appointments, the AVA also welcomes back Natalie Barker, Diane Hunter and Kelly Pugh, who have been voted back to the board as operator representatives.

In response to these changes, David Llewellyn, chief executive of the AVA commented, “We are thrilled to have these three talented and experienced individuals join our board. Their knowledge and expertise will greatly benefit not only the AVA, but will also be a huge asset to our members.

“They are already settled in and hitting the ground running. We cannot wait for the remainder of the year, and years, ahead working with them.”

The AVA is confident that these personnel changes will strengthen its leadership team and contribute to the continued growth and success of the organisation.