Qualitasse handles new system from Sanyo

Qualitasse, the coffee equipment and supplies specialist, is now a distributor for Sanyo’s new Automatic Espresso coffee equipment, which offers a range of speciality coffees, where each drink is freshly ground from coffee beans and then brewed.

A major difference between this and many other systems is that fresh milk is used, so the quality of the drink is as you would expect from the finest of coffee shops, but at a fraction of the price. Hot chocolate and teas are also available.

In addition to being low-powered and therefore energy efficient, the machines is very easy to keep clean and maintain, potentially saving money on machines that require external companies to maintain them at a significant monthly cost. The equipment is available on rental or for outright purchase.

Qualitasse offers a selection of top quality coffees and other beverages, as well as its own technical support team to ensure complete reliability and peace of mind.