Star performer from Italy

Lavazza, (which is said, with some justification to be Italy’s favourite coffee), is committed to providing a quality coffee experience, whether it’s at work, in the home, or away from home.

Vending has come a long way over the past few years. Not traditionally known for providing premium hot beverage products in the workplace, the UK market now demands more choice and better quality. This is in stark contrast to some of the instant hot drinks offered in offices in the past, and has encouraged the vending industry to cater to these needs. Vending solutions now stretch to working environments such as factories, gyms and hospitals; all demanding premium hot drinks for their employees and customers.

Equipped for convenience, quality and taste

With its BLUETM system, Lavazza provides a top quality coffee experience for offices and other places of work, throughout the UK.  Quick and easy to use, the system consists of various types of machines, designed to meet the needs of coffee connoisseurs in an increasing variety of workplaces.

The range includes the Lavazza LB 1000, which has been designed by Pininfarina and fits neatly on a table top. Compact and easy to use, the LB 1000 is an eye-catching option for small spaces, and produces hot beverages with the exclusive single-dose Lavazza Blue capsule.

Also exclusive to these capsules, the LB 2200 is compact and versatile. It is designed for small and medium-sized businesses, reception areas, tea rooms, night clubs, fast-food restaurants and office environments. Both models also feature a steam arm for preparing the smoothest cappuccino or latte.

These table top machines are exclusive to Lavazza Blue and use the premium Blue coffee pods, which ensure an excellent espresso based drink, with minimal mess and wastage. The unique Lavazza Blue system, with its capsule, guarantees consistency. At the push of a button, there’s freshness and quality cup for cup.

The Lavazza Blue Colibri ‘semi-auto­matic’ (pictured) is a quick and stylish machine with simple touch selection and hot water option, ideal for larger work spaces. Guaranteeing continuous quality through technically advanced Lavazza Blue capsules, and always 100 per cent fresh, this model offers a variety of high quality hot beverages, including an intense espresso, a creamy cappuccino and a delicious hot chocolate. Loyal Lavazza customers can opt for an additional service, supplying premium quality Lavazza coffee beans.

For larger companies, where consumption is higher the Lavazza Colibri offers a range of hot beverages with an additional hot water option, in order to prepare other drinks such as tea.

For those who enjoy a more classic espresso experience, Lavazza offers the Espresso Point System, with a wide range of table top machines such as Espresso Point Matinée. Enjoyed regularly throughout the day by Italians, this system provides stronger espressos, focusing on the intensity and authentic flavour experienced in Italy.

Taste of Italy

With its strong heritage, Lavazza is something of an Italian institution and continues to be the prominent voice in the Italian coffee market. Up until now Lavazza has focused on utilising its premium quality coffee to appeal to the UK market, which demands more and more authenticity and quality.

Exclusively to Lavazza Vending Partners in the UK and Ireland, the company offers two systems; Espresso Point and Lavazza Blue. In addition, it offers a variety of coffee beans, such as Grande Ristorazione and ¡Tierra! This comprehensive machine and product range gives Lavazza’s distributors, especially those looking to recreate the café experience or to offer more choice in how their coffee is extracted, one integrated system.

Café culture for the workplace

Combining Lavazza’s premium coffee with a range of state-of-the-art machines enables coffee enthusiasts to enjoy a consistent quality of coffee in the office that they have come to expect from the high street. With a variety of blends available, Lavazza customers can choose the coffee to suit their clients’ needs and tastes. These blends include the UK favourite Café Crema Dolce, 100 per cent Arabica sweet blend, along with Espresso Ricco giving a dense chocolaty flavour, and Espresso Decaffeinato Soave as a decaffeinated option.

With just one capsule, the system can make whichever type of coffee is desired: real Italian espresso, long coffee or American-style coffee, while maintaining the quality, texture and taste of a creamy cappuccino or latte.

For those looking for something different, Lavazza has introduced the Di’ Più range, adding a variety of styles and flavours to the OCS/ vending offering. This includes classic, fruit and herbal teas and soup.

In line with its commitment for quality sourced coffee, Lavazza now offers its 100 per cent Rainforest Alliance-certified coffee ¡Tierra! ¡Tierra! Capsules, demonstrating an environ­mentally sound, economically viable and socially equitable sourcing strategy.  New to the Lavazza, the range is the additional option of ¡Tierra! beans. The aim of the project is to combine product quality with improved living conditions for coffee growers. ¡Tierra! is a 100 per cent Arabica coffee fully certified by the Rainforest Alliance and boasts complete traceability. Just by stocking ¡Tierra! consumers are helping others as well as helping themselves to a great coffee.

Working with experts

In addition to providing top of the range machines and product innovation, Lavazza offers a comprehensive service package. As well as supplying relevant marketing materials, the company’s bespoke training enables its partners and potential customers to create a perfect barista coffee every time.

Lavazza boasts an impressive 50 training centres worldwide, putting the emphasis on quality and training for the preparation of the perfect cup of premium coffee, whether using beans or capsules.

At the end of 2007, Lavazza opened a new training centre in Uxbridge, marking the company’s continued dedication to quality coffee preparation. Each year Lavazza trains over 20,000 baristas internationally and the new UK centre has seven coffee training stations along with video filming facilities, where trainees are able to watch and review their coffee making techniques.

Choosing Lavazza, the OCS/vending sector ensures that every coffee made looks and tastes as it would in Italy, guaranteeing an authentic espresso experience in the working environment.

Lavazza’s 2009 calendar advertising campaign mirrors this authenticity and depicts scenes from Italian history and culture that are synonymous with Italian style, always pointing to the Italian Coffee Experience that you will receive in each cup. or

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