Jürgen Göbel new chairman of EVA’s Electronic Payment Committee

jurgenJürgen Göbel, Ingenico, is a long time contributor to the EVA and an active member of the Electronic Payment Committee, serving as Chairman (of the then Cashless Committee) from 2007 to 2011. He replaces Alain Huc, who has served as Chairman for the last four years.

At the first EPC of 2016 held on 16 March in Brussels, Jürgen explained that he has some good ideas and initiatives for the Committee and is looking forward to working with all committee members to help “transfer vending to the digital age.” During his previous mandate of Chairman, the Committee at that time developed the Cashless Vending Specification (CVS), which was the guideline for the current Electronic Payment Specification. Jürgen explained that his motivation is to bring additional business to vending operators by helping them adapt to and use new digital technology.

After having worked for more than three decades in the payment segment for the vending industry and after 4 years of Chairmanship of the Committee, Alain Huc attended his last EPC meeting prior to his retirement this summer. Jürgen Göbel, the whole Electronic Payment Committee and the EVA wish Alain Huc all the best for future challenges and a happy retirement.