Ospelt joins the EVA

International producer of high quality food products The Ospelt Group has grown dramatically over the last few years, and has now joined the EVA in order to meet key European vending players as it seeks an additional channel to supply its products.
Erwin Wetzel, director general of the EVA commented, “We are pleased that the EVA is seen at the perfect home for companies wishing to meet and network with major industry actors – ideal for companies like Ospelt who are relatively new to vending and wish to get more involved in our diverse industry.”

Felix Schüßler, responsible for communication at Ospelt, commented: “In the last 1.5 years we have worked very hard on an innovative savoury snack product, the ‘Malbuner Power Slice,’ which combines high quality salami with two slightly roasted slices of bread and will be positioned as spicy alternative to sweet snacks. We recently signed a sponsoring contract as premium partner with the Formula 1 Team Sauber for 2016 and 2017. Our logo was placed very prominently on the rear-wing of the car. Our Malbuner brand is already available (with great success) in the Selecta vending machines in Switzerland. Now we want to build on that great partnership and find further vending partners in Europe.”