Coffee training facility gets stamp of approval

The Lavazza Training Center in Turin has been awarded official Premier Training Campus certification by the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), the association dedicated to promoting excellence in coffee industry.

The training hub will now welcome coffee professionals for all courses organised by the non-profit SCA which represents thousands of coffee specialists from all around the world, from growers to baristas.

The facility’s team currently consists of five trainers (Alessandro Cocco, Francesco Viarizzo, Fabio Sipione, Andrea Da Ros and Luciano Di Mauro) who have completed the SCA training process and have been certified as ASTs (authorised SCA trainers).

From march 2018 Lavazza will have its own dedicated “Q-Grader” tasting room where it will be possible to become certified as a green coffee taster by the SCA.

“The main objective of the training facility is to promote knowledge of the multi-faceted world of coffee, to maintain high-quality product standards,” explained Marcello Arcangeli, head of the Lavazza Training Center.

“Given our expertise in training, we have been collaborating with academic institutions on a number of prestigious projects for many years. SCA certification is acknowledgement of Lavazza’s commitment of nearly 40 years, and our goal for the future is to obtain this certification for all of our other Training Centers throughout the world.”