Packaging trends

Looking ahead to 2018 market intelligence agency Mintel has named five major trends set to influence the packaging sector worldwide this year.

Mintel’s global packaging director David Luttenberger said: “Our packaging trends for 2018 reflect the most current and forward-looking consumer attitudes, actions, and purchasing behaviours in both global and local markets.

“Such trends as those we see emerging in e-commerce packaging have stories that are just now being written. Others, such as the attack on plastics, are well into their first few chapters, but with no clear ending in sight.

“It is those backstories and future-forward implications that position Mintel’s 2018 Packaging Trends as essential to retailer, brand, and package converter strategies during the coming year and beyond.”

Mintel’s trends in brief include:

•Packaging will play a pivotal role in reducing global food and product waste.

•Online brands will reinvigorate their packaging in order to enhance the e-commerce experience.

•Brands who adopt clear and succinct package messaging will be rewarded as consumers

prefer brands that embrace minimalism.

• Brands will be called to keep marine conservation at the forefront of packaging

development and to anchor the circular economy for future generations.

• Contemporary packaging formats will see the centre-of-store take centre stage.

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