Time for vending to focus on food allergies

More needs to be done needs to be done to cater for people with severe food allergies, especially in vending machines near schools, in hospitals and at airports according to Creative Nature’s founder Julianne Ponan MBE.

Julianne said: “People wanting snacks are going to buy what’s on offer, so if you offer more allergy-safe products, the environment they are eaten in become safer for people with allergies.

Creative Nature’s products are free from the 14 major allergens, vegan, Kosher and palm-oil free, making them suitable for a wider audience, which in turn allows more people to spend money in the vending machine.

Not only safer, our products are tasty, with Quality Food, The Grocer, Great Taste and Onboard Hospitality Awards across the ranges.

Start putting the consumer first by offering Top 14 Allergy-Free snacks in all vending machines,” she urged.