Some Like It Hot

Bon Appetit has seen a staggering rise in demand for its award-winning Little Tasty Food Outlets, which it says can wipe up to 90 per cent off a company’s catering spend.

The 24/7 unmanned hot food outlets can be used as a supplementary service to staffed canteens, but companies faced with substantial catering budgets are increasingly adopting it as their sole means of food supply.

Keith Pordum, CEO, said, “Recent take-up has been off the scale. For years firms have been dealing with cost issues arising from canteen staff wages, pricey equipment and wasted stock, but many have viewed traditional canteens as core services – essentially the last place to cut costs.

“Now the economy has nose-dived again, profit conscious managers are evidently looking at bold new ways to save money, and our hot food outlets fit that bill, while simultaneously extending catering hours and providing a healthy, varied menu.”