Sielaff’s CVS+ stars in new vending line-up

Sielaff, leading German manufacturer of beverage vending machines and merchandisers has launched the CVS+, a modernised version of its best-selling bean-to-cup beverage vendor, the CVS. The new machine uses state-of-the-art touch screen controls and is available with optional accessory vendor and card module. It may be specified as a vending line alongside the Company’s new merchandiser, the Combimat.

Says Karen Nash, Sielaff UK’s General Manager: “The first thing that strikes you about this vending bank is how stylish and modern it looks with slim stainless steel panels and the latest touch screen technology. It forms a stand-alone refreshment centre to rival anything the High Street can offer in terms of quality. Add to that the legendary reliability of Sielaff equipment and it makes a compelling proposition for staff restaurants and shopping centres.