Shaping the future of automation in the hospitality industry

Rhea used the Italy-based trade event HOST to replicate several settings typical of the hospitality sector to showcases its product offering.

This included the likes of a stylish lounge integrating design solutions to create a contemporary, interactive setting that enhances the pleasure and quality of the coffee break.

Rhea intended to demonstrate a fusion between the world of coffee and automation for the Ho.Re.Ca segment.

Visitors had the opportunity to explore the latest superautomatic models, the rhTT3 and rhTT1, which offers the versatility of creating drinks with fresh or non-dairy milk, thanks to the innovative rhMM2.v+ milk machine. Also presented was the free-standing rhFS1 and rhFS2.touch32.

Host was also the platform for launching Rhea’s new campaign, which tells the story of the company’s values. The new campaign juxtaposes human faces and a coffee cup that evokes the Rhea logo, symbolising the company’s ability to work with a vision that is open to the future.

Visitors also had the chance to taste the wide range of coffee varietals and roasts offered at the coffee corners distributed around the stand, as well as recipes for coffee drinks and cocktails created by coffee expert Andrea Lattuada and Marco Poidomani, the Italian champion of ‘Coffee in Good Spirits’, who entertained the audience with live demonstrations.