Security locked in

In vending, security is a critical issue which has far-reaching consequences. Unreliable locking solutions can compromise security, resulting in lost product, money and ultimately, profit. As a result, many operators are turning to access control and electronic latching systems to increase security and visibility into machine access.

A challenge faced by many operators is key management. Lost keys not only compromise security but cause significant disruption to operators, and impact financially as replacing keys, or the entire lock, is a cost which quickly accumulates. Access control systems allow vending machines to be accessed via various credential methods such as, card, key pad, mobile and remote access, which act as a virtual key, allowing machine entry to be monitored and analysed.

Pairing access control systems with a good quality electronic latch is essential for increased security. Ensuring that the lock is correctly installed and can withstand repeated, long-term use, forced entry and any pre-load challenges will further add to the overall security. With the addition of a capacitor board, locks can be set to failed safe, which keeps doors closed in the event of a power outage.

With this in mind, new innovations are giving users the visibility into machine access which mechanical locking cannot. Using cloud-based technology, such systems incorporate a portal as a powerful central control point which controls access rights that are at the heart of administration and security.

User access can be revoked instantaneously, and data can be gathered to form user and lock specific reports, which can be used to spot trends and highlight problems for process improvement.

An example of such a sytem is Camlock Systems’ ACS-100 which can be integrated and retrofitted into existing machines and each solution can be carefully designed and tailored to individual needs using our growing range of electronic latching and hardware.