New products featured by Abbeychart at BWCA

Abbeychart will be showing a number of new products which can be seen for the first time at BWCA including their ABC Value Range of in-line filters for cold and ambient water applications. The easy to change low-cost filters are ideal for vending, table-top, and POU water coolers to light commercial and under-sink installations, glass/dishwashers and small boilers. 

The company is also introducing their compact Abbey bottled water pump, which will deliver bottled water under pressure to your appliance. A new bottled water hand pump is easy to use and is ideal for temporary use at functions, shows and anywhere the public help themselves to bottled water. Their handy portable cup dispenser complements the pump. A simple to use low cost pocket-size tube cutter, ideal for amateur and professional use will also be shown, plus Abbeychart’s Water Wonderkit, a simple and low cost undersink filter, tap and fixing kit. There are branding opportunities for commercial customers with this item.