Initiatives in recycling 

Wenlock Spring, which has been on a journey since 1989 towards a circular economy where products are used, recycled and reused again, is using recycled PET plastic (rPET) to make its entire range of plastic bottles.

Director of Wenlock Spring, Matthew Orme said:  “We believe that nothing that is used for minutes should be allowed to pollute the environment for hundreds of years, especially when plastic can be recycled again and again. Using rPET generates 79% less emissions than making bottles from new plastic and means that we are encouraging consumers to re-use and recycle. In a bold move, we have committed to using 50% rPET from April 2018.

“In the UK, we have the infrastructure to recycle plastic bottles repeatedly. Our British recycling plants don’t, however, have enough supply. Only 65% of local authorities recycle plastic, which is why only 50% recycled plastic content is currently attainable. As the nation recycles more and supply increases, Wenlock Spring intends to achieve bottles made from 100% recycled plastic.”