Hydration – the facts

The British Water Cooler Association (BWCA) has launched two new hydration fact sheets in its series called Why Water Matters. The sector-specific guidance notes are for those in the dental and retail sectors, both identified by the Association’s members as being areas where healthy hydration and sustainability are of particular interest.

The launch of the latest titles brings the total in the series to eight.

They describe ‘Why Water Matters’ for:

  • children
  • construction workers
  • dental practices
  • food service and catering workers
  • hotels
  • public sector workers
  • retailers
  • salons and spas.

These publications provide information of the hydration benefits offered by water coolers and remind building managers that the BWCA represents those who supply and distribute water coolers and related products and services. All the documents provide a link to the website which enables potential clients to choose an accredited BWCA company http://www.bwca.org.uk/find-a-member.php

The hydration fact sheets describe the importance of promoting healthy hydration and give advice on choosing the correct coolers for particular needs and locations.

The dental fact sheet points to the value of hydrating patients before appointments and the way in which the practice can help set an example, especially for families with children.

The retail fact sheet reminds retailers that offering simple hospitality in the form of a refreshing drink can help boost dwell-time and encourage refilling of reusable water bottles to demonstrate the store’s sustainability ambitions.

Finally, each fact sheet includes is a simple visual hydration chart helping people to check whether they are correctly hydrated.

The guidance is available direct from BWCA or via BWCA members.