AVA hosts ‘must-attend’ Technical Day webinar

The AVA will be hosting its biennial technical day as a webinar on September 20.

This is described as a must-attend event for operators, senior managers, operations and technical teams.

The webinar will cover everything from water quality, pest infestations, and portable appliance testing, to advancements and innovations in payment systems and the influence on equipment.

The trade body will also be sharing strategies for future-proofing your company against shifting legal requirements, client and consumer demands.

With a format of 30-minute sections throughout the day, you can dip in and out as topics of concern are presented.

Here is just some of the lineup:

  • The Impact of water hardness on drink quality and machine life. How to prevent unnecessary breakdowns and callouts – with Jenny Scarrott, Brita Professional.
  • A brief outline of Extended Producer Responsibility, Mandatory Cup Takeback and Deposit Return Schemes from David Llewellyn, AVA. Although we’re seeing yet more delays, the legislation is coming, so David will be giving an overview of the schemes and how they will impact your business and costs.
  • Cashless and Telemetry with Robin Turver, SB Software: Robin will be talking about how vendors can boost vending efficiency and profits; covering data reporting, DRS accounting and mandatory cup takeback tracking requirements.
  • Portable appliance testing and checking after maintenance: David Watts, SparkyNinja Training. From portable appliance testing and maintenance, David will provide detail on the AVA engineers training scheme and portfolios.
  • Dealing with pests: Alex Wade, Wade Environmental: If you don’t like pests, complaints about mites, or cockroach and ant infestations; then Alex Wade is the person to see. Find out where responsibility lies with these issues by joining the webinar.
  • Why listeria matters and legionella doesn’t in vending: Mike Saltmarsh, Inglehurst Foods. Clients and their Health & Safety officers are often confused or misinformed on legislation and guidance. Mike will explain.
  • Payment systems the progress of cashless (James Birch, VMC). Jim will be looking at this and the impact of 2G and 3G changes on our industry.
  • With a Panel Discussion on the future of cashless payments – and cash. With James, Alan Taylor from Worldline, Mark Parry, Vianet and Paul Shattock, Crane CPI.
  • How to manage new technology and Legacy Equipment with Mark Stevens, Scobie McIntosh. As technology continues to advance and new vending equipment with it. With many Operators having legacy equipment – what is the impact and technical implications of introducing intelligent touchscreens, telemetry, cashless payment and communication systems to a machine park with kit which could be up to 20 years old? And how?
  • And then a Panel Discussion on the some of the issue and practical solutions of Refurbishing versus New equipment. With Mark, Andrea Goswell from Westomatic and Ian Johnston, Coffetek.