The 2020 Guangzhou Int’l Vending Machines & Self-Service Facilities Fair (China VMF) finally took place this last month at China Import & Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou and was deemed a big success.

“I feel very proud that when almost all exhibitions worldwide have ground to a halt, China still managed to put on such a wonderful vending show,” a visitor this year, Mr Zhou Zirong, chairman of convenisun, one of the largest vending machine manufacturers in Guangdong province, commented in an interview.

China VMF was the first vending show to be held worldwide in 2020.

Two-fold increase in exhibitor turnout

The China VMF attracted a record-number of 703 exhibitors, more than double the figure in 2019.

Many new exhibitors debuted as well, including brands like Rhea Vendors, one of the oldest Italian vending machine makers established in the 1960s; Soyea, one of China’s biggest refrigerator and chest freezers makers entering the vending market in 2018; and GREE, one of the world’s largest residential air conditioner makers.

Online matchmaking bridged worldwide businesses

Attracting buyers from Germany, Jordan, Ecuador, Malaysia, Ethiopia, Russia, Singapore, Australia, India, Indonesia, France, Romania, the event’s first ever online Matchmaking Programme, which aimed to connect global buyers and suppliers amid the ongoing pandemic, witnessed significant cross-border cooperation reached during the show.

Participating exhibitors like JETINNO, Easy Touch, Chipoo, CPI, ProVending Machine, Hontech Nextgen, Nuojian, Panfeng, Qianhui, Zhilai, Zebra Information, Sixmore, were full of praise for the programme and expressed interest in joining the next show.

Pandemic-related vending solutions

Impacted by the pandemic, products like contactless payment systems, vending machines for PPE and drugs were unsurprisingly some of the most sought-after solutions on site.

“During the lockdown, some of our products have seen explosive sales growth, especially our Smart Takeout and Parcel Pick-Up Lockers,” said Yunyin Technology. “To some extent, the pandemic has actually widened the use of self-service kiosks and vending machines in China,” they added.

Mini hotel room vending machines

People’s increased privacy awareness has given rise to the new trend of mini hotel room vending machines and exhibitors such as Kaisijin, Pinshen, Guanyao, Dimeiwang, Ruking, J·Choice, Jiuxu, Bannuo all brought their own unique solutions.

“Our hotel room vending machines were so popular. We received one order for 150,000 units,” Kuzhuo, a third-time exhibitor, told the organiser. “To satisfy these mounting demands, we are going to expand our production capacity in the second half of 2020.”

Supported by 82 expert advisors from 10 countries and regions

The event’s Advisor Panel, which comprised of 70 China’s leading players and 12 Associations/Media from nine countries and regions contributed to putting the event together. They include EVA of Europe, AVA of UK, ANEDA of Spain, ABVM of Brazil, IVMOA of Australia, VASA of South Africa, JVMA of Japan, of USA, UZVEND of Uzbekistan.

China VMF will return in 2021 from March 4th-6th at China Import & Export Fair Complex.