Why is it important to attend trade shows after the COVID-19 pandemic?

Trade shows may well become one of the most effective marketing tools to help companies rebound after the coronavirus and as reports are received that China is gaining better control over the epidemic, many top exhibitions in country are reportedly receiving a growing number of  new exhibitor sign-ups, as well as requests to expand booth area from existing exhibitors.

Among these is reportedly the 2020 Guangzhou Int’ l Vending Machines and Self-service Facilities Fair (VMF 2020) which is being planned for August 3-5. It remains to be seen how many UK companies will be able to participate in this show come August, but it’s worth noting why these events are receiving so much interest from companies dealing with the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic.

According to VMF 2020 organisers the reasons are as follows: 

First, to maintain existing customers and develop new ones.
Data show that the number of clients you could meet at a trade show is three times more than you would have met in three months in a traditional way. What’s more, 88% booth visitors during a show are new leads for the exhibitor, including many decision makers, and at least 49% visitors have serious interest in purchasing.

Second, to secure orders at the lowest cost.
Trade shows are a cost-effective and time-efficient way for companies to secure orders. Data show that the fee of exhibiting is only 10% to 30% of the costs of visiting all the customers you would meet at the show one by one. Besides, orders placed in the shows require less personal follow-ups.

Third, to enhance brand awareness by widespread publicity.
Trade shows can bring you publicity outside the show floor by utilising trade associations, magazines, websites, social media, as well as one-on-one phone calls, e-mail blasts, and text messages to help exhibitors promote their brands and products worldwide both before and after the show.

Fourth, to learn the latest on your target market.
Rather than researching online at home, a trade show held in your target market is a much easier and faster way to get the market information you need, by talking face-to-face with local clients, networking with your peers and attending concurrent forums with a score of industry experts.