Vending firm in green initiative

Anglia Coffee Solutions, a coffee and vending company based in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, recently teamed up with an eye-wear company Wild Wood to offer a prize of a pair of eco-friendly sunglasses to four winners if they found a star on the bottom of one of Anglia’s vending cups.

Anglia Coffee Solutions marketing manager Matt Collins with two winning customers

Wild Wood is an environment focused business concentrating on reforestation, raising awareness of endangered species and helping clear up the oceans of plastics. One of its projects is to plant a tree for every pair of its sunglasses sold through the organisation One Tree Planted.

Anglia marketing manager Matt Collins initiated the partnership between Anglia and Wild Wood in the spring of this year in the form of the competition giving the opportunity to four winners to have a pair of Wild Wood sunglasses.

Trevor Collins, Anglia Coffee Solutions managing director, said: “We hope that our winners enjoy using their glasses and that more customers come on board in the initiative to strive for a greener environment.”