Suzohapp expands EMEA vending sales team

Suzohapp has expanded its EMEA sales team in the vending industry with the intention to better serve customers in the EMEA region.

François Profit is the new Executive Vice President of Automated Services at Suzohapp

François Profit is the new executive vice president of Automated Services which includes the vending, car wash and laundry markets. He heads up the EMEA vending team of dedicated and focused professionals with excellent product knowledge. Others on the team include:

  • Dirk Kettenmann, vending sales manager for Germany
  • Torben Dankers, responsible for the Scandinavian markets of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden
  • Stefano Rostellato, vending sales manager for Italy and, together with Luca Rossato, is responsible for the largest vending market in Europe. Mr Rostellato is also responsible for the vending markets in Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Greece and Slovenia
  • Ad Willigers, vending sales manager for the Netherlands
  • Industry veteran Christian Mengus continues to manage the French vending market. He is also responsible for customers in Austria, Romania and Switzerland
  • Luis Fernandez continues to support customers in the Iberian market
  • Nick Norris continues to be responsible for customers in the UK and Ireland
  • Dawid Ciarkowski and Marcin Obalkowski share the responsibility for customers in Poland. Mr Ciarkowski supports customers in the Czech Republic, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine, as well. The Baltic countries are supported by Sylwester Jadowski

Mr Profit  said: “I am proud to take on this new role and its exciting challenges. Expanding our vending sales team underscores our commitment to the European market. Customer support is vital to our business and I am confident that this new team structure is perfectly aligned to the needs of our EMEA customers.”