Smartphone water dispenser

A tech startup company that offers a suite of smart water coolers with still and sparkling flavors for commercial spaces, has announced a timely new touchless dispensing feature that provides users with a means to hydrate without using the machine’s touchscreen.

As offices and workplaces begin to reopen, health precautions around COVID are top of mind, and there are concerns about contacting appliances such as shared water coolers and refrigerators. A growing response has been to turn to single-use packaging and other environmentally unsustainable products. However, for those who don’t want to choose between sustainability and safety, this touchless solution gives them access to filtered still, sparkling, flavored, and enhanced water dispensed instantly via smartphones.

“It’s always been our vision to change the way the world hydrates by offering a more appealing and sustainable solution through user-centered design,” said Eliza Becton, c0-founder and head of product at Bevi. “With this innovation, we can offer users peace of mind by removing the need to touch a water cooler, or to touch a refrigerator door to grab a bottle of water.