Selecta kicks off shop & go concept in Belgium

Selecta is launching its next generation of food tech solutions in Europe – a modern, fully automated store concept at Corda Campus in Hasselt, Belgium.

Its new Foodies Shop & Go concept offers fresh food available for purchase in a hassle-free consumer experience with automated payment process. After scanning a credit or debit card or the according app upon entering the Foodies Shop & Go store, consumers are free to pick their favorite food items and just walk out – no time-consuming check-out, no need to wait in line.

Foodies Shop & Go takes Selecta’s current Foodies fresh food solutions one step further, making workplace refreshment corners even more scalable to client needs at all times. Verena Eberle, global project leader at Selecta, is convinced: “With the innovative Foodies Shop & Go concept, we offer our consumers a completely new experience in addition to our seasonal and local, healthy and delicious products. Right from the start, our goal was to combine the simplest handling with the greatest possible enjoyment.”

“We are excited with the arrival of the Foodies Shop & Go to our campus” says general director of Corda Campus, Raf Degens. He said: “We already offer a lot of extra services on our campus, and we always try to respond to the needs and expectations of our community, in an innovative way. We not only test the technological aspect here, but we also involve our community by questioning them about the range in the store and adjusting where necessary. This innovative project, which we are trying out together with Selecta and our local catering manager, makes working and living on campus even more enjoyable. Moreover, this shop is accessible to everyone, whether you work on our campus, are just visiting or live nearby, everyone is welcome. And that too is completely Corda Campus.”