Partnership to roll out cashless payments across Europe

Selecta Group is partnering with specialist in payments and financial services technology, Fiserv, to enhance and streamline digital payments across its points of sale.

This is expected to meet consumer demand and boost operational efficiency as self-service technologies such as vending machines and smart fridges boom in a pandemic-conscious world.

Selecta’s vision is to have a ONE Selecta technology solution that will support cashless interactions across its operations and enable future development and integration.

The company is leveraging a pan-European payments solution from Fiserv that will support payments with global and local card schemes and mobile apps at the point of sale.

Selecta is also evaluating a mobile payment app, which will include access to a Selecta loyalty program. A dedicated merchant portal will enable Selecta to streamline terminal management, including onboarding and activation, reporting and insights, maintenance, and diagnostics.

“Whether buying a beverage or a meal in the workplace or on-the-go, consumers are looking for modern, cash-free and contactless payment options,” said Christian Schmitz, chief executive of Selecta Group.

“With Fiserv we will be able to deliver these options in a way that is easy for us to manage, through a single solution, while unified reporting will give us a new level of insight into our business.”

“Seamless digital payment capabilities perfectly complement the convenience of self-service retail, and enhance the overall buying experience,” said John Gibbons, head of EMEA at Fiserv.

“As consumer habits continue to shift, we are committed to working with Selecta to meet the current and future payment preferences of their clients while enabling them to streamline operations across Europe.”