New head of operations at SB Software

Simon Black (left), founder and MD at SB Software with Dan Varney, head of operations

SB Software, the makers of management systems Vendmanager (vending) and Coffeemanager (OCS) have announced that Dan Varney will take up the newly created position of Head of Operations, effective 1 December 2021.

Dan joined SB Software in January 2020 as client success manager and has since been responsible for identifying and confirming customer priorities, then delivering and monitoring the associated benefits.

Previously Dan was himself a “power user” of Vendmanager, within the family vending company Revive, based in Salisbury, where he took particular responsibility for driving efficiency throughout the business, and harnessing the power of Vendmanager.

“I have been involved with vending as far back as I can remember, so I live and breathe the sector. I grew up doing every role there is, hands-on, right up to General Manager” commented Dan. “I then relocated my family from the south coast to Yorkshire specifically to join SB Software, because I knew firsthand the advantages enabled by their technology. And now I am excited to be continuing things further still. For me, successful operations do not stand apart from client success, each stems from the other.”

Simon Black, founder and managing director expanded: “Everyone at SB Software takes great pride in the technical excellence we deliver – in both software and hardware. I am a software architect myself by trade, so I “know the tools”. But our actual raison d’être is to deliver client benefits through everything we do, day-in and day-out. And to be continually getting better at doing so. For me, that’s operations in a nutshell.”

Dan’s new role will include close co-ordination at both strategic and day-to-day levels across key functions throughout the business, including oversight of technical management, customer support, and account management. He reports directly to Simon Black.