New energy drink alternative

Peach FruitPOSITIV is the new alternative to energy drinks currently on the market. Packed full of vitamins, fruit juices, honey and herbs, POSITIV has no taurine, artificial colours or sweeteners. Designed with the body’s dynamics in mind, its natural ingredients combine to produce lasting energy, increased stamina and provide help with strength and muscle recovery. POSITIV doesn’t use chemicals to boost energy we use what nature intended!

POSITIV’s unique manufacturing processes ensures no degradation to its ingredients, therefore maintaining the strength and quality of the vitamins and herbs and maximising the energy benefits to the body.

POSITIV is available in 4 fantastic flavours. Lemon, Strawberry, Peach and Pineapple all combined with Lime which gives a both stimulating and refreshingly great tasting premium energy drink.

POSITIV is formulated in accordance with the World Anti-doping agency (WADA) prohibited list and has been tested by professional and amateur athletes across various sports from Triathlon to MMA. More and more are integrating POSITIV into their everyday energy needs, so why don’t you?

And at only 155 calories per can, POSITIV can fit into your calorie controlled diet.

POSITIV – it’s a can do attitude.

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