Nayax and Visa Webinar: ‘What Operators Need to Know About Cashless Payments’

Nayax and Visa will present a free webinar on Tuesday, 13 October under the banner ‘What Operators Need to Know About Cashless Payments’.

Jeff Beach, vice president, merchant sales & solutions, VISA

The event will be of interest to unattended retail operators working in sectors such as vending, car wash; laundromats, arcade games and amusement rides; EV chargers, kiosks and the like.

The special guest for the Nayax and Visa event will be Jeff Beach, vice president, merchant sales & solutions, VISA. In concert with Nayax experts, Jeff will be covering all aspects of cashless payments and discussing how they relate to unattended industries.

The topics covered by the webinar will include identifying where the demand for contactless is coming from, how unattended verticals are contributing to this demand; why contactless payments are important to consumers and what operators should know about cashless transactions, including the changes they can expect.

“As a leading global payment processor for unattended retail operations, we’re always looking for ways to improve our customers’ payment experiences and we were delighted that so many people from the industry joined us for our first webinar’, said Lewis Zimbler, operations director, Nayax UK.

“On the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s clearly an appetite for the webinar as a virtual forum in which the increased rise in cashless payment usage by consumers can be discussed. Unattended retail operators should certainly aim to be part of it,” Mr Zimbler said.