Move kegs and gas cylinders with ease

First Mats, the UK manufacturer of industrial safety equipment, today unveiled its enhanced range of Gas Cylinder Trolleys, with models catering to the specific needs of the food and drinks industry, including pubs, bars, and other establishments with extensive cellar operations.

In an industry where handling and moving gas cylinders and kegs are regular tasks, First Mats’ new range promises to streamline operations and boost safety. The revamped product line includes several designs, with options to transport one or two gas cylinders concurrently, and featuring configurations of two to four wheels for optimal manoeuvrability.

A standout product in the new range is the Keg Transporter Trolley, specifically designed for moving 11 Gallon Kegs or Casks. This makes it an invaluable tool for bars and pubs, enhancing the efficiency and safety of moving kegs while minimising the risk of manual handling injuries.

“We recognise the unique challenges that pubs, bars, and food and drink establishments face when it comes to moving gas cylinders and kegs,” said Richard O’Connor, Marketing Director at First Mats. “Our latest Gas Cylinder Trolleys are designed to significantly reduce the burden of these tasks, offering a combination of practicality, durability, and safety that is unmatched in the industry.”

Constructed with sturdy steel frames, First Mats’ Gas Cylinder Trolleys ensure cylinders and kegs are securely housed and can be safely moved without risk of toppling. All trolleys have user-friendly features such as restraining chains, handles at a comfortable height, robust wheels or castors, and an open design that ensures a clear view for the handler.

“In the fast-paced food and drinks industry, efficiency and safety go hand in hand,” added O’Connor. “Our Gas Cylinder Trolleys, especially the Keg Transporter Trolley, contribute to creating safer, more productive workplaces, enabling staff to focus more on delivering excellent service to their customers.”

In line with First Mats’ commitment to quality safety products at competitive prices, the new range offers free delivery to all mainland UK destinations. For any inquiries regarding these new products or any other items in their portfolio, First Mats’ dedicated customer service team is readily available to assist.

About First Mats:

First Mats is a Birmingham-based manufacturer and supplier of safety and industrial equipment. With a top Trustpilot rating, they are renowned for their quality products, competitive prices, and exceptional customer service. For more information, visit