Inspirational jockey joins Harrogate as hydration ambassador

Ascot sponsor Harrogate Water has announced a season-long partnership with leading amateur jockey Becky Smith to promote healthy hydration in elite sport.

Becky, 31, is amateur rider for Micky Hammond Racing in Middleham, North Yorkshire, and has just completed her finest NH season, finishing runner-up in the 2017/18 Amateur Lady Jockeys National Hunt (NH) Championship.

Becky said: “I’m delighted to become Harrogate Water’s hydration ambassador. I’m passionate about the health and wellbeing of jockeys and healthy hydration is an important message in all sport, including racing. As with all elite sportsmen and women, it is vital that jockeys take care of ourselves.

“When you have suffered the trauma of a career-threatening injury, as I have, it makes you realise that your career can last longer if you manage your weight and health responsibly.

“Jockeys are athletes and staying properly hydrated is vitally important for peak fitness, especially at elite level. Sensible eating and drinking to remain hydrated is an important message to get across and for everyone in sport to understand.”

Harrogate Water brand manager Nicky Cain said: “We are thrilled to be sponsoring Becky for the coming season. She is one of the finest amateur jockeys and highly respected throughout horseracing and the broader sporting world.

Becky suffered a career-threatening knee injury in 2013 and was told she might not be able to ride competitively again. However, with grit and determination, she made her comeback after 14 months.

In a return to form, in only her second race, she rode her most valuable winner Sand On Fire in a world championship race at Sam Houston Park in Texas. She went on to finish runner-up in the world series in Abu Dhabi.