H2O expands range of IEN filters

H2O Direct has expanded its range of IEN filters with the launch of the new IEN4000 and IEN6000.

These filters are welcome additions to the already hugely successful IEN2000.

These Ion Exchange Resin Filters contain microfilters’ specially designed 30% by-pass system for water blending which helps prevent scale build up and keep pH levels stable.

The IEN6000 has over 6000 litre capacity @10Dh, while the entire range has easy change heads with auto-water shut off.

H2O Direct believes that scale build up prevention is a better solution than costly machine repairs and consider this range of filters to be the best for the drinks vending machines market.

This range expansion follows the exciting news that H2O Direct is to expand its sales operations into Europe for Microfilter and MCM products.

All H2O Direct products are available by super-fast delivery to UK and Europe.