Fillbee makes the final

DS Smith Plastics’ Fillbee is a finalist at the World Food Innovation Awards in the Best Sustainable Packaging category.


Fillbee, a ‘zero waste’ returnable beverage pack for four or six bottles, was designed to eliminate wrapping packaging for beverages, promote the reuse of bottles and improve the collection rate of cans. The retail-ready packaging encourages ease of reuse for consumers, as Fillbee is easy to stack, store, take home and return the bottles to the store.

The sustainable durable material of the pack lasts for years and can be fully recycled. The packaging is made of a single material, so the baskets and the labels can be recycled together without the need of sorting. Thanks to the protective packaging, refillable bottles can last up to 50 return trips.

The environmental benefits of the returnable pack were recognised by the international jury which nominated Fillbee as a finalist in the category ‘Best Sustainable Packaging.’

The World Food Innovation Awards are designed to recognise and celebrate excellence and innovation of concept across every category of the global food industry. This month the winners will be revealed at a special ceremony at the International Food & Drink Event (IFE) in London.