Cup recovery and recycling for the drinking water sector

With recent media coverage on the global plastic recovery issues and the threat over the festive period of a 25p levy on coffee cups, The EDWCA along with other trade associations and interested parties from the drinking water industry met at The Belfry Hotel in Sutton Coldfield earlier this month to discuss a solution for the plastic cup recovery & recycling.

On the agenda was practical learning from the Simply Cups scheme currently in operation for paper cups and how this can be translated to the plastic cup waste.

This highly topical subject was debated by companies such as Divine Water, AquAid, Eden Springs, Waterlogic UK, Horizon, Cooler Aid and Office Water Coolers alongside representatives from both major water trade associations.

A solution was proposed and although widely accepted, it was agreed that to ensure its effectiveness for the whole industry it would require some fine tuning.

The revised proposal will be completed by the end of January once feedback and input from those in attendance has been taken into consideration.

David Albers, advisor on the project and EDWCA vice-chair commented that he was delighted to see so many of the major UK water cooler operators in one room to discuss such an important issue.

He went on to say, there is no doubt that the plastic cup issue is a critical subject four our industry and I hope that the Closed Loop Proposal may give our industry the opportunity to display that we are tackling this important subject.

It is hoped that Closed Loop (Simply Cups) will have a solution to go the market with by the summer of 2018.