Bank of England gold standard approval for ITL’s Note Validator

Innovative Technology (ITL) has achieved independent approval from the Bank of England for its NV200 Spectral note validator during the Bank’s recent testing of automatic banknote handling machines.

The Bank of England machine-testing framework enables manufacturers to test their machines with circulation and artificial counterfeit banknotes to ensure they only accept genuine banknotes.

The NV200 Spectral is a highly secure and technologically advanced banknote validator; using ITL’s hyperspectral technology to offer complete note image capture to authenticate the validity of notes.

James Beswick, customer support manager for ITL commented on the results: “We are proud to have passed the Bank of England’s strict (MTF 2.0) testing process this year and been awarded a Gold Standard approval – the highest level given. The results independently acknowledge the reliability of our NV200 Spectral for its ability to identify genuine banknotes and reject counterfeit notes and we are delighted with the 100% pass granted.”