4 Aces celebrates ‘party’ USA style

4 Aces has announced a 30% rise in sales of its American style party cups a year on from the launch of this iconic design.

The packaging specialist introduced the range of 16oz and 12oz red and blue plastic cups following a spate of customer enquiries from wholesalers and party planners keen to secure a competitive version of the US cup. Since then, sales have soared and the on trend supplier has had to increase stock orders to satisfy demand.

The party cup has become something of a cult classic on these shores thanks to a run of successful teen flicks and other big box office draws which have featured the memorable, common household utensil.

Head of sales for 4 Aces, David Blake, said: “American culture and pop culture continue to dominate and this product ties the two together nicely. The use of primary colours, the bold design and the larger size tick all the boxes at the moment and provide a refreshing and fun alternative to standard plastic cups.

“As seen in the movies, they serve as a great creative tool for a number of party games, including the infamous beer pong and, it goes without saying, they fit the bill perfectly if your customers are going for an American themed event. We initially introduced the line at the request of a few specific customers however the cups are fast becoming one of our staple products and have also been purchased for bars and restaurants as well as for use at parties, festivals and other events.”