Zing brings a BMX to one lucky high school winner

The winner of Aimia Foods’ Zing competition, set up to celebrate its launch into high schools, has been revealed as 11 year old George Goddard from a local Grammar School in West Yorkshire. After correctly naming the three delicious flavours of the lightly sparkling juice drink and submitting his answer to drinkzing.com, he is now the proud owner of a shiny new BMX bike.

George was just one of many high school pupils to enter the competition that ran from September to December 2011, and was selected from random as the lucky prize winner. He won a brand new BMX CBR Gate Crasher bike as his prize along with a case of his new favourite drink Zing and he couldn’t be happier.

Zing is a clever drink made from just two ingredients – a minimum of 70% fruit juice and sparkling water – to deliver three deliciously tingly flavours: apple, berry, and tropical. This high fruit juice content means that Zing provides one of pupils’ five-a-day, but with none of the added sugars, preservatives, colourings or additives that can be found in other drinks. Zing is school compliant and meets the voluntary code.

Just three months after its official launch, Aimia Foods’ Zing, which was developed with the help of 150 teenagers, is taking the secondary education sector by storm. It was the work with this group of 11-16 year olds that has been so crucial to Zing’s early success, as it has led to Aimia Foods delivering exactly what pupils have been looking for in a drink when it comes to taste, size, appearance and price.

Zing typically vends at 80p to £1 so that pupils can afford a healthy, tasty drink as part of a balanced lunch. In keeping with the age group’s preference for sparkling drinks, Zing is also lightly carbonated to give the drink an extra dimension without the overflow that can occur with ‘gassy’ equivalents.

Zing’s funky, unisex packaging appeals perfectly to the teen market, featuring recognisable icons from teens’ day-to-day life, including iPods, iPhones, laptops, clothes, and gaming controls so that its 250ml cans stand out in a vending machine. Zing’s fun exterior speaks to pupils, who recognise this as a delicious drink developed especially for them – the perfect ‘stealth health’ addition to a school canteen.

To enquire about stocking Zing or for more information about this exciting by-teens for-teens drink, contact Aimia Foods at customer.services@aimiafoods.com or call 01942 408600.