WMF Espresso launched

2015_WMF_espresso_Presse_01WMF reveals its latest machine, the WMF Espresso, and in doing so, sheds a new light on the different types of coffee machine available to operators

The WMF Espresso is in a class of its own, while still upholding the Company’s main objectives; the production of beautifully designed machines, with a host of innovative features, made to a quality build, offering enhanced functionality for the operator, in order to deliver beverages of a consistently high quality.

Marcus Gansloser, managing director of WMF UK commented: “WMF has extensive proficiency in coffee machines as we launched the very first fully automatic Espresso machine.  Since then technology has progressed immensely but our core values remain; that of building quality solutions to enhance our customers’ businesses.  The WMF Espresso combines all of the emotion and individuality of a traditional machine with the functionality and productivity of an automatic bean to cup machine so the operator can now rest assured his or her coffee will be of a consistently high standard, enabling them to enhance sales, whilst also concentrating on other aspects of their business, no matter who makes the coffee.”2015_WMF_espresso_Presse_05

The WMF Espresso benefits from enhanced software and a colour, touchscreen display.  Other features include separate brew units for different types of coffee; three beverage buttons for each brew unit that can deliver up to 12 modifiable, coffee recipes; the ability to turn off the internal grinder when wanting to use grinds from an external source, such as decaffeinated; a barista button for manual adjustment of coffee grounds by 15% +/-; a basic steam wand with variable steam power on one side and an automatic steam wand with the ability to prepare three different qualities of milk foam on the other.

It also boasts a Steam Jet for heating two cups at a time, removable, air-cooled bean hoppers and easy manual adjustment of grinder settings with automatic adjustment recommendations, based on brewing time.